‘How its Made’ presents the TESLA Model S

‘How Its Made’ presents the TESLA Model S | 31/12/14
by John Brian Shannon John Brian Shannon

How Its Made has gifted fans with a step-by-step video showing the TESLA Model S build at the factory in Fremont, California. There’s a lot of information in this video, some of which may surprise even you seasoned TESLA fans.

Impressed? You must be. And don’t worry, it’s quite normal for people to immediately want to downsize their house in order to purchase a TESLA. Realtors are used to those phone calls by now.

The bonus (as if the car itself isn’t enough!) is that after taking delivery of your Model S, you will begin saving $4000 in annual gasoline and maintenance costs, as compared to gas-engined premium sport luxury cars. Big grin.

Seven-bedroom house — or five-bedroom house and a TESLA Model S?

You tell me.