TESLA Model S rally team drives from LA to NYC, for ‘free’

by John Brian Shannon John Brian Shannon

It makes for great newspaper copy;

“A team of TESLA Model S drivers travel from Los Angeles to New York City in 76.5 hours, and other than stopping to eat and sleep, the trip was an express run across the country.

Oh, and by the way, the TESLA cars did not burn one drop of gasoline throughout the entire trip — nor did their drivers pay one cent for electricity to recharge the batteries on these 100% electric cars.”

And it’s all true! If you own a TESLA Model S, you can charge up at any of the so-called SuperCharger stations in North America, for free. Yes, for the life of the car.

Also, if you wanted to duplicate the route and drive from LA to NYC (and even back to LA) it would cost you zero, zip, nada, zilch, for electricity — provided you charged up at the strategically-placed SuperCharger locations along the route. No matter how many times you make the trip, the “fuel” cost, is always free!

The video below represents Part I of the total journey and you will see the Model S driving in treacherous conditions, beginning in Utah and Colorado after leaving balmy California. The car takes it all in stride, seemingly handling the extreme altitude changes and weather rather effortlessly and looking great doing it.

Try to not love this car. I dare you!




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