The Reva Halo EV Sports Car [Video]

by Nathan

The Mahindra Reva Halo EV Sports Car.
The Reva Halo EV Sports Car.

Mahindra appears to now have a rather different approach to EV design, based on its newest concept, the Reva Halo. Instead of aiming for a practical, perhaps simple-looking appearance, the Reva Halo is a sports car, and appears to be aimed at a certain sort of demographic — one that is quite different from the stereotype that comes to mind when one thinks of an EV buyer.

The new model was recently previewed at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo in New Delhi, India. The look of the car is certainly a surprise for those who are familiar with the other models offered by Reva — rather “ungainly” looking vehicles, to put it mildly. The company is clearly now looking at other approaches to design.

Green Car Reports provides more info:

… the Halo is a compact sports car in the vein of cars like the Mazda Miata–simple, lightweight, and fun. Power is only modest, its 104-kilowatt maximum translating to 140 horsepower. That’s still enough to reach 62 mph in “under 8 seconds”, while top speed is 100 mph. Range on the largest battery pack is around 125 miles.

The styling is the aspect likely to garner most attention, though. According to Motor Authority, the company has consulted both Pininfarina and Bertone while drawing up the Halo, and the sleek, utterly modern styling is testament to their combined talents. Details would likely be toned down on any production model, as would the concept car interior–though some details, like the dual TFT screens and button-selected drive could remain.

Reports are that before production begins on the model studies will be conducted in both the Indian and the European markets, in order to gauge the potential. Initial pricing is expected to be around “30-35 lakhs, or 3-3.5 million rupees–around $48,000-$56,000.”

This article, Reva Halo EV Sports-Car — Mahindra Unveils Latest Concept, is syndicated from Clean Technica and is posted here with permission.

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