Redline Review: 2013 Ford Focus Electric [Video]

by John Brian Shannon John Brian Shannon

Wondering if an all-electric car might be in your future?

Ride along with Redline Review’s test drive of the 2013 Ford Focus Electric and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Ford Motor Company’s first 100% electric vehicle seems to do everything right and Ford says you will save $1100.00 per year compared to the gasoline engine Ford Focus — and $8600.00 over 5 years when compared to a normal gasoline engine car. They also throw in an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty.

If you drive less than 55 miles between charge-ups, this might be your car.

Otherwise, look at an electric car with longer range (meaning a bigger car with a bigger battery) or simply move to a hybrid-engined car where a smallish gasoline engine powers you far past the battery limit and simultaneously recharges the car battery while underway.

For charging the car, Ford supplies a special extension cord to plug the car into a regular wall receptacle and if the battery were ever to become 100% discharged, Ford says it could take up to 15 hours to recharge. In real life, that would never happen as most people drive 22 miles or less to their workplace.

Want some added range insurance? Simply plug the car into a regular wall receptacle at your workplace or at the gym.

In these driving conditions, drivers will never visit a gas station nor approach a 50% battery discharge — let alone a laboratory-contrived 100% discharge.

The bottom line on this car is, if you drive less than 55 miles between charges and want to save over $1000.00 per year on your automobile transportation costs, the 2013 Ford Focus Electric is the easy choice.

Video courtesy of: 2theRedline

Note: An optional 240-volt charging system is available at extra cost which lowers the charge time to 4 hours (from the aforementioned theoretical 100% battery discharge state). If you use the car in normal driving conditions where 40% or more charge remains prior to plugging it in, you will be fully charged in less than 2 hours using the 240-volt charger.

If you are at 80% charge and just want to ‘top it up’ to 100%, it could take as little as 40 minutes.

2013 Ford Focus Electric
2013 Ford Focus Electric manufacturer’s window sticker and EPA mileage equivalent (for illustrative purposes only). Information by Ford and EPA. Image capture by

Note: Vehicle price does not reflect U.S. government, state, or city rebates that may be available for new electric vehicle purchasers. A typical U.S. rebate in 2013 would total $7500. Your actual rebate could be more, or less. Check with your local Ford dealer.


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