Green Speed: 770 HP Hybrid Corvette Revealed at SEMA

by Jo Borrás

Hybrid Corvette
Hybrid Corvette | Source & Photos: Quanta, via SEMA.

Combining a pair 100 KW electric motors and Chevrolet’s 505 hp aluminum V8 engine, the hybrid Corvette revealed at this year’s SEMA show packs a serious, high-performance punch that should be enough to strike some real terror into the stoplight grand-prix driver in the next lane.

This car isn’t the long-awaited 2015 hybrid Corvette, but a special one-off built by Maryland’s Quanta Performance, the Corvette QHP770 is expected to rocket to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds, with a 1/4 mile time expected (conservatively) to land somewhere in the low 11′s. Gary Whiting, the CEO of Quanta and chief engineer on the company’s performance hybrid division, is convinced that “hybrid vehicle technology has tremendous potential for high performance vehicles. We formed Quanta Hybrid Performance so we could demonstrate its relevance and be among the leaders in this development arena.”

Whether Whiting was convinced of electricity’s performance potential by Porsche, Ferrari, or four-time Formula 1 champions Red Bull racing isn’t totally clear. What is clear, however, is that Gary’s hybrid Corvette packs over 770 HP and an astonishing 1500 lb-ft. of torque — more torque than the 9.0-second ethanol-fueled Nissan I drove a few weeks ago, and more than the 9.1-second Miata Chris covered last week — making it a very, Serious, Ride.

Whiting promises more “Hy Performance” hybrids soon, with some suggestions indicating the Quanta hybrid drivetrain might show up underneath an older Corvette sooner than later. We’ll report on that as soon as it’s confirmed. Stay tuned!

This article, Green Speed: 770 HP Hybrid Corvette Revealed at SEMA, is syndicated from Gas 2.0 and is posted here with permission.

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Jo Borrás I’ve been involved in motorsports and tuning since 1997, and write for a number of blogs in the Important Media network. You can find me on Twitter, Skype (jo.borras) or Google+


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