Apple advised to purchase Tesla Motors

Originally published on Gas2 by Christopher DeMorro

Apple logo and Tesla logo.
Apple logo and Tesla logo.

Tech giant Apple has been mentioned in the same breath as electric automaker Tesla Motors time after time, and the similarities are easy to see. A German stock analyst is calling on Apple to buy Tesla Motors as a future-proof form of income, uniting two tech giants and giving Apple yet another platform to develop products for.

Andaan Ahmad, an analyst for Germany’s Berenberg investment bank, called on Apple CEO Tim Cook to buy Tesla Motors. Ahmad thinks Tesla will be one of the great automakers of the 21st century, and that the income from Tesla’s operations will give Apple a sustainable income as the market for smartphones and tablets becomes increasingly competitive. Everyday there are more players and innovations in the market, and Apple’s domination is slipping with each new product launch.

The match seems natural, after all, though Apple almost certainly isn’t the only interested party. Google, which is developing in-car motion controls and self-driving cars of its own, has also been called on to invest in Tesla. The electric automaker has seen its stock valuation soar to more than $20 billion in recent months are strong sales and rave reviews keep pouring in. Tesla’s emphasis on technology and performance has struck a chord with luxury car buyers, and the wait list for the Tesla remains months long.

It seems increasingly likely that some tech giant is going to align itself with Tesla sooner rather than later, and just who gets in bed with Elon first could mean a profound shift one way or another in the automotive market. This could be just the disruption the car market needs.

Source: CNN Money

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